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We provide therapeutic retreat weekends for foster and adoptive families in our communities.

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“What I know to be true is that Jesus brings water in the desert, and he brings it for everybody.”


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Haven Retreats, Inc. offers three separate weekends retreats for foster and adoptive families. Each retreat will have two licensed therapists for group and individual sessions, plenty of good food, and a skeleton outline that participants can choose to partake in or opt out in favor of rest. Our weekends are divided into four categories: moms, dads, parents, and biological children of foster and adoptive parents.

Haven: About Us


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Rebecca Harvin is the founder and CEO of Haven Retreats. Rebecca, and her husband Brad, began fostering in May of 2017. To date, they’ve provided over 4,800 days of care, specializing in sibling sets. If you’re doing the math, that’s over 12 years of care squeezed into three years... she probably needs a nap! As an Enneagram 7, Rebecca loves adventure, traveling, spontaneity and generally engages the world around her with humor and a positive outlook. Haven Retreats was born from a season of caregiver burnout and the assumption that if she needs a space for rest, therapy and Jesus... probably other people do to.




Ashley DeClue is our co-founder and COO of Haven Retreats. Ashley has a masters degree in special education and worked in her field for several years before becoming the curriculum resource teacher for her school. In the spring of 2017, less than a year after bringing her son home from Uganda, Ashley left her career to become a stay at home mom. Ashley is a mastermind at seeing and solving problems, she’s detail oriented, and walks with integrity. It’s precisely because of this that Ashley actively tries to make the world around her a better place to live.

Ashley joined Haven because she knows the need foster and adoptive families have to find a safe place where they can receive healing. She experienced isolation, loss of friends, loss of self, a marriage on the brink of divorce, feelings of desperation and hopelessness - all within the first year of parenting her son. It could have crippled her - instead it made her stronger. Ashley is one of the safest places you can run to as a fellow foster and adoptive parent - she listens without judgement, holds space for grief, and honors the broken road we all walk. It’s an honor and a privilege to have her as our co-founder, and Haven is already ahead of the curve because she’s our COO!

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